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Maintenance Tips


Invest in a plunger.  Flush only toilet paper.  Other materials can clog pipes.  If your toilet overflows, remove the tank lid and push the flapper down into the bottom of the tank.  Shut the water off using the valve handle located behind your toilet.  This should help stop the water from leaking into any apartment homes below/around you causing, most likely, needed carpet water extraction and/or drywall repairs.  It will also spare your neighbors the inconvenience.  Call us immediately at 806.748.1371.


Vacuum often.  Dust can settle in carpet causing it to wear.  To remove furniture indentations, simply place a few ice cubes and let them melt.  Use a hair dryer to dry out the area while working the carpet back in place with fingertips or a grooming tool (make sure to dry the area completely).


Hot pots/pans should not be placed directly on your countertops.  Use hot pads to protect the surface.  Do not chop any food directly on your countertops.  This could cause scratching.  Clean your countertops regularly.


Windows should not be left open during rainy weather.  The moisture will create damage to the window sills and walls


Use Command Strips instead of nails to hang items on walls/doors.  They do not damage the surface and are easy to place/remove.

Loss of Power

Check your fuse box.  It could be as simple as resetting a breaker that has tripped

Garbage Disposal

While your disposal is operating, always keep the cold water running. Sharpening of the blades can be achieved by periodically inserting ice cubes. To deodorize the disposal, insert orange or lemon peels.  Do not use drain cleaning chemicals in your disposal. Never put bones, celery, onion peels, cornhusks, artichoke leaves, metal or glass down your disposal.  In addition, never insert paper products, matches or cigarettes. Grease and coffee grounds will also clog your garbage disposal.

(If your disposal does not work, turn off the wall switch, wait a few minutes and push the reset button. This is usually a button on or near the bottom or side of the disposal unit located under the kitchen sink. Try to turn on the disposal at the wall switch. If the disposal still does not work, please put workorder in Resident App)


For optimum efficiency, do not overload your dishwasher and only use dishwasher detergent recommended for automatic dishwashers. Generally the interior of the dishwasher is self-cleaning.


Leave your heat/air conditioning running at all times at a reasonable temperature.  It is more energy efficient then turning it off and on.  Doing this requires the unit to work harder (using more electricity and potentially increasing your monthly utility bill) to get back up to your desired temperature.  Shutting the unit on and off could also cause the unit to freeze.

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